Head of content at the VP level–finally!


This piece made me want to sing, so I had no choice but to post. As a former content writer for a fantastic small marketing firm, I can safely say that this idea has been percolating long in the minds of many. Our clients, many of them, were compelling people with a mission and passion, this they headed progressive and profitable companies. But, even though we knew this to be true, that wasn’t the message they got out. They focused so much on product that they actually skipped over the people who delivered it, and those people are so incredibly important. It is the people of the company who most B2B clients buy from, especially in a world where the technology differential is so small.

So, push your tweets, market your blog, and promote all the things that make your company great. Is it beer Fridays, an incredibly effective internship program, a contract that makes clients want to sign on the dotted line and show their friends what they just bought?

The Starr Conspiracy does a great job of this on their website–their culture is out front for everyone to see, and it has been for years. It’s authentic, too.

A compelling brand is one thing, but authenticity, from every employee and from all facets of the company? Then, take that another step further and organize it into a consumable format? That is something all together amazing.

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