Is the education system preparing us for social media marketing?


Starr Tincup posted a link to this excellent piece from the Content Marketing Academy. The questions are relevant ones, about the future of content and how it will play out in marketing. While they suggest content strategy vs. content marketing discussions, the real struggle is playing out in the small business, the one that the entire marketing department consists of one person.

While social media has opened up some venues for equality, it is also pointing out that everyone is not a writer, nor are they being trained to be writers in college. I work in both business and education, and the two careers are dovetailing more than ever. We have so many students who can barely write, let alone write creatively per the vision of the marketing team.

As social media becomes more and more of a business tool, I hope that our education system can keep up and realize that every high school and college graduate must be able to write, not only correctly but also creatively and within set parameters.

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