Personal branding, a quick reminder

This presentation from SlideShare begs an interesting question: do you need a personal brand? So often in our professional lives we spend our time working for the company and boosting their brand, but is it important to have a brand of our own? Do you need to have a stream of idea clients if you are happily employed?

The answer is a resounding yes. Even if you are happily employed, you want your brand to show who you are, both to your company and your external clients. If your boss, or your boss’ boss, wants you on the next project because he knows of your work, you’ve done well. Tom Peters and Zig Zigler led the charge on personal branding, and the coversation has only gotten more interesting in the age of social media.

Truthfully, this is a case of writing what I most need to hear. Look forward to more blog posts from someone developing her brand! Good luck as you all work on your brands.

Here are some great personal brands:
William Tincup
Laurie Ruettiman
Tim Sackett 

Who’s on your shortlist for HR personal brands? What are you doing to work on yours?

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