Improvement needed: writing as a craft

Day 3: Tell us about something that you think should be improved.

So, anyone who makes their living as a writer, or who just enjoys a good read, would agree–the state of American writing is abysmal. People assume because they learned about writing in school and have written something before that they’re a great writer. 

Now, before you think I am an elitist snob, there are things I am terrible at. No one will ever pay me to run (or really even watch me on purpose) because I am very, very bad. But, I realize this and when people ask if I am a runner, I usually make it clear that I am a person who runs, but definitely not a runner. Ditto for pretty much any other sport–ever. 

I am not comparing myself to
Steinbeck but rather
recommending him. Shame on you
for only looking at the picture!
Image: NPR.org

But, I’m a decent writer. It’s not because I was born with a miraculous talent or because my parents read Shakespeare to me in the womb. I believe that I can write well because I work at it, and because I hold my writing to a higher standard than texting or facebook feeds. (I could linger here for hours talking about the American education system and the incredible disservice we are doing our children, but there is only so much time.)

Just because you have written something doesn’t make you a writer, and just because you have run a marathon doesn’t make you a runner. It takes practice, standards, and reading great examples of literature. Might I recommend Steinbeck for starters? 

Thank you for reading my rant. 

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