Not ready to write? Curate first.

I have met so many experts in diverse fields–people who are professionals in their field and passionate about their business. However, some of the most intriguing people I’ve met (some of whom are most excited about what they do) are not where they could be in business because they don’t evangelize.

It’s all about the content. Inc. published a great article today (This is How You Get Yourself Out There to Market Your Expertise) that reiterates that it truly is all about the words and how you publish them.

The key, however, is to be an expert before you write. While there is quite a bit on content marketing out there, if you have nothing to say, or you don’t have any knowledge above and beyond the mean, don’t bother. But, those business savvy people I know have lots to say, they just don’t know how to say it or why.

You can have a conversation with one person and change their perspective–you can blog or comment on social media and reach hundreds, or not thousands.

Social media storytelling is one of the key marketing trends in 2016 and with good reason–consumers want more than a pitch. (For 6 major trends, read more here.) They are looking for the truth behind who you are, who your brand is, and what makes you tick. Now. let’s tell those stories!

So, how do you get started? First, share what you read. It’s called curating, and it’s basically sharing the most valuable pieces of content and the things that touch you. You’re an expert in your profession, and you likely read several pieces a day on your industry, on the business world, on what interests you. People who are in the industry want to know what you are reading, what you value. LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter are all ways to share written content. If you have visual content, don’t forget Tumblr and Instagram.

If you’re not ready to write yet, share. And, eventually, you’ll be ready to write. Because, if you’re an expert, you have something to say. It’s just getting down to saying it.

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