Mastering Holiday Business in B2C (business to consumer)

Black Friday is over. Now, what do you do with the rest of December? B2B and B2C have dramatically different Decembers, but planning for both is crucial for business success and sanity in December.

Hopefully, you were ready for the holiday rush in November and put it all on the line Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now that the major shopping weekend of the year is in the background, it’s time to automate as much of your December as possible while maintaining your relevancy so you can recharge your creativity and get ready for 2018.

Major dates to highlight in December

  • last day to ship at flat rate
  • last day to order for Christmas delivery
  • Seasonal closures
  • Dec. 26th sales
This is the month to communicate with your customers via email or Facebook posts–let them know the best way and when to order your products for Christmas delivery, and make sure any sales or specials are advertised. Competition is fierce for each dollar this month–make the most of your brand loyal customers and advocates. 
Once you’ve got these dates in place and a marry Christmas and Happy New Year social media post done and planned in Hootsuite, it’s time to focus on you.

Recharge and plan for 2018

Your goals for 2018–have you set them? Are they written down? If not, this is your moment. This month, your marketing and social media team should be playing out an overview for 2018 that aligns with your goals. While no one can anticipate every conversation, goals and metrics can and should be drafted for the year. 
“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”–Zig Ziglar
Once your agencies or team members have set out your calendar, you’ve approved it, and you’ve got your December and your early January posts and plans in the queue, relax. Take some time with your family, enjoy the Christmas lights, and recharge your creativity for the next year. 

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