2018: The Year of Artisanal Content

“Content can no longer be a commodity, churned out in a word factory. We need handcrafted artisan content. It takes longer to create, but you don’t have to make as much of it, either. Focus your resources on a few pillar pieces that deliver real value. Content that inspires readers to spend time on the page, explore further, and share with others will beat commodity content every day of the week.” from @toprank

Yes! I am so ready for the rise of artisanal content. 

Yesterday, I was speaking with a new and exciting company, and I told him that my job is to amplify your message, to promote your passion. But this isn’t done with an interchangeable set of words, search terms and keywords that I use for every other client. Each brand should have a unique voice, building their presence in the community. We have so much today that is commodity–voice, presence and passion will make the difference in 2018. 

Here’s the rub. Much like artisanal bread or chocolate, this kind of content cannot be produced overnight. And, it cannot be produced in a vacuum. It requires you to live with the brand, believe it the ideas and the inspiration of the founder, and speak to his or her passion. It requires research, editing, revision, and time. But, The difference is as obvious as the difference between Wonder bread and scratch made. It is undeniable, and each post is more compelling because its resonance echoes for each reader.  

Here’s to you, brands, writers, content marketers and social media strategists. Make 2018 the year of artisanal content. 

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