Essential social media…you can pare back in 2018

In the same way that a more effective workout yields better results in less time (think HIIT vs. easy elliptical), a more effective social media process yields better results in less time. 2018 may be the year you pare back and use your social media tools more effectively.   
Social media is a tempting drain of resources, time and energy if used incorrectly. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can be sucked into endless webinars, Facebook groups and chats about perfecting their social media strategy and getting the most likes and clicks. But, the bottom line is, are you doing what is essential for your business?
This year as you move forward in social media and content marketing, keep these three simple tenets in mind. 
  1. You don’t need to be everywhere to be heard. Better to brand well and be social on one or two key platforms than have a diluted presence on many. How do you decide which platforms you should be on? Find your users, and go where they are. 
  2. The goal is not to be on social media but to be social. Curation is a vital part of the social media mix. Who do you love? Who do you want to recognize? What did you read that inspired you lately? Don’t hesitate to share greatness and comment on others’ hard work.  
  3. Tricks no longer work…authenticity and excellence do. You can’t tag your way into your audience’s attention. Who are you as a brand, as a CEO, as a company? Honestly represent that, with on point writing skills and creative imagery, and you’re on the right path. 
A few other tips, courtesy of Larry KimVerified account


8 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence 📥 Improve your inbound ✂ Trim your feed 👌 Make interesting content 💬 Curate others’ content 🎉 Throw a party 📝 Answer questions 👥 Start discussions and debates

Are you ready to get started this year? If you’re going to begin somewhere, I’d start with Google My Business. What’s your go to social media platform? And, are you using it to the full potential (calendaring, analytics, engagement)?

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