Instagram: Thank you for scheduled posts…and reposts!

After extensive changes that make marketing through Facebook even more difficult, Instagram marketing and posting (which is also owned by Facebook) is becoming easier.

If you use Buffer, Hootsuite, Soci, or any other social media management tool, you #instalife just got easier. Now, instead of posting from your phone to Instagram, you simply schedule and the post becomes live at the preset time, like all other social networks.

How does this help you tell your story? We all, as business owners and entrepreneurs, have a story to tell. Instagram allows us to tell it visually, and to reach audiences unavailable on other social networks. With every post, we create a visual storyboard that reaches an increasingly attention-starved world. When you can project your message, your story in seconds, you magnify your reach.

How do you tell your story on Instagram? Clarity in your profile, an Instagram aesthetic, tagging and distilled images are the key. My favorite Instagram examples are…


All for very different reasons. If you’re interested in getting your #instalife on for your small business, there’s no better time to start than now.

Update Feb. 8, 2018

Instagram repost feature is coming!

More on Instagram. According to an article from Marketingland

Instagram tests its version of the retweet but thru Stories

People in the test group can share other people’s public posts to their own Stories, and their followers can tap on the shared post to see the original.

It’s coming y’all! These two updates, repost and scheduling posts, will make Instagram a more relevant tool for business owners and entrepreneurs. Get ready to see an burst of creativity and business conversations on Instagram in the very near future.

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