The Space between Social Media and Business Acumen

There was a space for an entrepreneur to offer quality and business acumen in social media to other entrepreneurs and small businesses. SDS took it.

A Passion for the Written Word

There are thousands out there. We’re the people who notice a Q without a U, a misplaced apostrophe, and a false word (“conversate”). We strive for meticulosity. We are logophiles and linguaphiles, and we often suffer from infobesity. In the modern business world, we find our niche in the conversation of the day–social media. This passion for the written word is the beginning of the SDS story, but the inception was forced by a frustration with dishonesty and a love of the hustle.

A Frustration with the Status Quo

Too many are paying too much for too little. This truth is apparent to every business owner who has hired a social media agency and received a smattering of disconnected posts that amount to nothing. However, this is not the way it should be. A social media professional, at her core, is a marketer. She is driven by data, while guarding your brand and your budget fiercely. She should also have open hands and be willing to show you what she does every day. There was a space for an entrepreneur to offer quality and business acumen in social media to other entrepreneurs. SDS took that space.

A Love of the Hustle

The entrepreneur and the small business are the beating heart of American business, and SDS makes their hustle more effective every day. I was on the inside of a bootstrapped start-up and experienced the power of social media. Social media is a tremendous tool for growth and reach. Entrepreneurs have to participate in this arena, but they don’t have time to watch every trend in digital marketing and adapt their approach. I magnify their hustle by promoting their passion. 
That’s why SDS was founded and why I do what I do–a love of language and a revelation of frustration created an agency to promote entrepreneurial passion. 

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