SDS is all about the story–your story–told by expert writers and story tellers, and balanced with a critical eye toward the performance of every post and content piece.

We work with companies that have been investing in marketing for years as well as those who are making their first foray into email marketing, SEO and social media.

SDS has helped small business grow their web presence quickly and without ad spending–a current client saw 8,334% year over year increase in web views after working with us.

We have helped brands develop wire frames for their sites, planning where the content should go, then filling in the content blocks and putting the final touches on the site. And, we have built audiences that take action from the ground up, bringing more than 1,000 people to a first year race in Ft. Worth, Texas. We have also worked with international, multi-national, and major B2B brands in the HR and tech industry.

Susan Muegge leads the team. With more than 20 year of experience in writing and storytelling, she has been trained in the newsroom and the agency. See her LinkedIn profile for more.