Social Media Marketing driven by your story and refined with data analytics. Creativity and business acumen combine to promote your passion and grow your business.

B2B companies and B2C companies selling high value products or services face unique challenges when marketing their services online.

  • A longer sales cycle
  • A more tightly defined buyer
  • A more complex product offering

Because of these challenges, many companies hire agencies that have a great book and throw around terms like viral, branding and likes that, unfortunately, don’t tie to the business or the bottom line.

Susan is one of the smartest, most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. In a very short time she leap frogged us into the world of social media, creating something from absolutely nothing, and aligned it perfectly with the sales team. Her command of social media, professional writing, sales, marketing and human resources is extremely impressive. Her experience and mastery in these areas makes her the best choice to work with, but her amazing personality and professionalism is what makes working with her such a joy. I am forever a fan.


Chandra Kill, CEO KRESS, Inc.

Susan is an extremely gifted writer, author, and marketer and always delivers superior results. Susan has the complete toolset for writing for multiple audiences. She has a knack for eloquently communicating. She’s always on time, on budget, and overdelivers.

Charles Bedard